Monday, February 25, 2013

botani.. cycling,,,


it very hot outside, so today i decided to stay in library... it's quite cold in here.  hoyooo. #happy

okay.. i just wanna to share that last week, my friend and i went to taman botani at Putrajaya. it's very nice to be there because of the garden lanscape and the activity that can we done here.

we exercise + cycling + happy + eat alot!!! haha

okay.. bye.


material engineer to be


alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah because give me opportunity to continue my study until now. huhu.. last week, i just registered to my course for sem 6 (3rd year 2nd sem) perghhh.. just another a year to become a student since in last sem (8th sem), i'll start my practical.... hoho...

okayh.. alhamdulillah, after a week for the new sem, i had decided to take Material Science as my minor... after think a lot of times to decide the best choice to specific my study. hoho..

material science??? hoho.. this course is tough enough to me to face a little bit about chemistry..because it handle with material..i'm a little afraid with it, but after heard Dr. Ernie story, i just got my strenght to continue this minor....

ok.. fine.. my head just block from idea to write tonight... so maye next post i'll share a little bit about MS... wish me have best of faith :)


Monday, January 28, 2013



all about...


the beauty of knowledge..physics


today, i just wanna to sharing about several type of video that makes me impressed and...proud if i can think the way how the overseas students enjoying their study in physics or basicly science.. hmmm...

link dowm here.....

this guy is awesome.. i don't know but he tried to approach people and discuss about several type of simple science to the community. he tried to share the misconceptions in science to other people.

i just thinking that, if i can always come up with the questions for each what i had learn... hmmm.. making a educated vblog, it would be interesting.. hewehew..

p/s: am i enjoying my study in this 3 years...4 years..???? o_0


Sunday, January 27, 2013

hello twenty-thirteen

alhamdulillah... hope that all our action is begin with basmallah as to get His reda.. In syaa Allah.

before i start In syaa Allah we salawat upon our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W...

for the new year... after ending my 5th sem.. urghh... the most tough sem i ever had, I really change my life.. May Allah guide me until the end. In syaa Allah..

actually, every time i wanna to change myself is when i start to write blog. and after posted a entry i didn't continue my furthe entry until end of the yaer.. maybe this is bad about be.. doing something not until the end.

i want to share about yesterday program.

i had attend a BERANI2013 program (Dr. azizan othman) at WIsma MCA yesterday. this program is totally free.. it's good because it is encourage people to success in their business.
actually, i being forced by my sis to join this program, hahaha because it about business (my 1st expectation). but, it is not just about business. it is more than that.

in that program, i learnt many things... it just not all about business but it is all about me.. our attitude, our action, our mind and our heart.

Dr. Azizan highlight about our heart(soul), our mind, and our action. those things is related to our life. what is implant in the heart, it will give the action to our mind to think bad or wrong. then our mind will control our action. and this action will shows ourself.

the concept of greatful is also important.
"the more we greatful (bersyukur), the more we get bless from Allah"

said "Alhamdulillah". it is necessary and must be practic in our life

then, Love.

love with people around you, who are you love the most....

in this program, it's hard to me to accept all the things especially when it talk about
"what would you in 10 years in future?"

i'm really stuck for this question. i didnt decide my future yet. even i didnt choice my minor for next sem.. it really hard to me to decide it myself..

huhh.. this is the things that playing in my mind. there are a lot things that i must do. if i listed here..hmmm.. maybe in my next entry .. huhu...

wish me having a great life for this year... i think i'm growing to be more mature.. haha... FINE.. whatever..

the E.N.D